North Bay Bohemian Best of 2019 Readers Poll (Sonoma)

Survey ended December 31, 2018 at 11:59 PM.

As part of the North Bay's longest running Best Of contest, we turn to you our readers each year to ask you to vote and choose what you think makes the North Bay so great. We then create a fat issue with all the winners and share with the world what you think are the best people, places and things. We love it. Our team gets to tell great stories about winners, make a few picks of our own and learn what's new and exciting in the Sonoma and Napa counties or what standbys are still beloved. But what's in it for you? Why should you bother voting? For one, a newspaper and its readers should be in constant conversation about what's important, what to cover and what's news. We couldn't do that without your input and your input means the Bohemian reflects you. It's a win-win. Second, our Best Of contest focused on local, independent businesses. No chain stores here. If you value those kind of businesses, and the jobs and regional economic benefits they create, voting for your favorite restaurants, barber shops and shoe stores is one of the best ways to say I support local businesses. And finally, our Best Of issue is kinda fun isn't it? It reads like a personality test of your fellow North Bay residents. While you might not agree with all the results, it's insightful to know what is the wisdom of the crowd. We've added 32 new categories this year because the greatness of the North Bay just keeps getting bigger. So think about what you love about the North Bay and vote! The deadline is December 31st. - The Editor

A few online voting rules:

  • Complete at least 20 votes of the ballot for inclusion in the poll.
  • Ballots are confidential, but you may be contacted to confirm your vote.
  • Only 20 votes per IP address.
  • Bohemian staff members, contributors, advertisers and their families may vote.
  • Deadline for online ballots is December 31, 2018.
  • First Place Winners will be chosen.
  • Keep your votes to locally owned businesses!

This survey is closed. Thank you for your interest!

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