North Bay Bohemian Best of 2012 Readers Poll

Survey ended January 13, 2012 at 05:30 PM.

You know the feeling. It’s that excited feeling you get walking into the lobby of your favorite theater, loading up produce from your favorite farmer’s market or finding just the right title at your favorite bookstore. It may come daily at the cafe, weekly at the nightclub or even just once a year at the framing shop. It can happen anywhere, from the bank to the feed store, from the yoga studio to the park. It’s a feeling that says you absolutely need to tell the entire world about how wonderful this one perfectly divine little thing is right now.

We know. We get that same feeling pretty much constantly, and each week we get the chance to get the giddiness off our chest in print. But once a year, it’s your turn. Dear readers, it’s time to channel all those good feelings about everything you love and shout them from the mountaintop—or, as the case may be, our Best of the North Bay Readers Poll.

The Survey runs between now and Friday, Jan. 13 at 5pm. Look for your picks to be printed in our annual Best Of issue, publishing on March 21, 2012. Keep in mind that any big-box corporate entities will be tossed out in favor of our prized independents; we’re all about supporting local businesses and people. Sit down with the ballot and vote for your favorites today!

This survey is closed. Thank you for your interest!

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